The Dragon

Stats Injured?
Blood +3 [ ]
Courage -1 [ ]
Grace +1 [ ]
Sense +2 [ ]
Wisdom +0 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.
  • Honour and Glory

What is a Dragon?

I am a Dragon! One of the few and true. My majesty could split the sky and all the things of the Earth would bow at my passing. And yet…I am reduced. To a form barely above that of a monkey. My peers forced this on me – because, while we saw the darkness coming, none would belittle themselves to ‘save the world’. So I am cursed until the darkness passes, and I can regain my true glory.

Dragon Core

All dragons have this move..

Champion of Fire

You do not have your own people. You once did, but no longer. Instead, you can Command Lore about the glory of the dragons, their place in the world, and the magnificent feats they have performed throughout history.

The Dragon has eleven Custom Moves to choose from instead of eight. And chooses four of them during character creation. When a Move tells someone they may take a Core Move from any basic playbook, Dragon Custom Moves you have taken count as Core Moves.

Dragon’s Custom

What else does it mean to be a dragon?

Dragon Magic

When you draw upon the draconic power that only a fool would not call magic, choose a spell from below, then mark it. You cannot use a spell while it is marked. When you Fill Your Belly, remove a mark from one spell. When you Recover, remove all marks on your spells.

  • [ ] Blessing of Strength: Destroy a wall or door in your way.
  • [ ] Blessing of Speed: Instantly appear somewhere close by that you can see. No one else will see you move there.
  • [ ] Blessing of Glory: Force someone to listen to you when you Talk Sense to them.

When you share this Move with another, they choose a single spell from the list. That spell is the only one they can use. You can share this Move with someone multiple times. Each time you do, they learn another spell.

Eyes of Fire

Your eyes are unnaturally good, and you can see fine detail even through the darkest night or densest fog. When you Look Closely, you may study any location you can see, no matter how distant, as if you were standing right there.

Through the Fire and the Flames

You are immune to damage from fire and heat. Even lava and dragonfire are only uncomfortable to you, and you can walk through them if you must. This move cannot be shared.

Wings of a Dragon

You can fly on large, powerful wings. You require a running start, a fair bit of room, and you cannot hover in place – but you can fly very far and very fast.

Strength of a Hundred

You can pick up anything and anyone you can firmly grasp with at least one hand. Objects and enemies you hold have the tags Ranged and Thrown.

Shared Customs

No Moves learnt from other members of the fellowship yet!


Start with four bonds to the other members of the fellowship!
Agrias knows the details of my previous defeat. (Overlord)
Hughs saw my strength from before I became what I am now.
I once saved Hugh’s life.
Thursday has the respect of the old dragons.
Grukk shares my burning passion!

Dragon Gear


  • Extra Spicy Fruit (3 uses, Food, Dragon-only)

Your armaments granting you the Melee tag and Armour (1 Use)!

  • Mighty claws, and hardened scales.
  • Supernatural strength, and speed.
  • And your blazing soul, enveloping you in protective fire.

Your Fire, granting you the Ranged, and Burning tags

  • You can spit primal fireballs from your mouth.
  • And conjure waves of fire from your hands.

And lastly, your ‘follower’

  • You have the ear of Kranos, the Black Wing (2 Uses); appointed by the rest of your fellows to act as your ‘liaison’ to the Council of Wings and Fire. He dislikes this appointment almost as much as you dislike yours, but he and the council have a great knowledge of many things. Use this ability to Speak Softly with him regardless of distance.

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Dragon Advancement

1. +1 to Blood
2. Strength of a Hundred


Empty for now~


Agrias is not a hero by choice. For Agrias is a dragon – strong and true. And like any of her kind, she has the power to save the world. And like any of her kind, she has the wisdom to save the world. But like all her kind, she would do nothing to save it.

For Agrias is a dragon, and they are not beings with kind hearts or much care for their lessers.

But again, dragons are wise. And they saw the need to act. But who? None could choose – so sure was each of them that it should be the job of another. So they fought, and raged. Storms bellowed, and the ground shook. But at last, the dragons had their answer: Agrias, the looser. Beaten and cursed, her power shackled – only to return when her task is done. She is not a hero by nature, no dragon is, but for now she certainly is a hero – forced as it is.

And a dragon cannot be seen to fail. So perhaps, just maybe, she will be the greatest hero any dragon has ever seen.


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