Thursday, Last to Awaken

The smallest giant~


The Giant


Stats Injured?
Blood +2 [ ]
Courage +2 [ ]
Grace -1 [ ]
Sense +0 [ ]
Wisdom +1 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.
  • Don’t Stop Me Now!

What is a Giant?

My people are Giants of Spirit. They are not physically large; they just have strength as if they were! The people of this world call us many names, and not all of them nice, but to each other we are The Children: brothers and sisters all. Born when the Earth Herself reached out to the Sky and Her fiery blood mingled with the lightning of His clouds. Born of that violence, of that passion, of that love we Giants are all lovers, all fighters, all joyous and laughing – no matter what we do.

Giant Core

All giants have these moves…

Stronger Than is Reasonable

You are strong enough to uproot trees, smash doors off their hinges, break through wooden walls or supports, and lift just about anything! Your Melee Attacks have the Area Tag, hitting multiple enemies with ease.

However, you have significant trouble acting with finesse. When you pay a price, you must also cause collateral damage. Something breaks, you damage the environment, an ally is caught in the attack, or you get stuck somehow.

Natural Hermits

The Giants are not a plentiful people, and do not make friends easily. The fact that you even joined the fellowship is a surprise to all! Your people’s population is in the double digits, and you know them all by name. A Giant community is actually just a single Giant, and earning their Fellowship grants you that Giant’s personal assistance.

You can never have more than one Bond with a non-Giant, and non-Giants can never have more than one Bond with you. This Move cannot be Shared.

Toss Aside (Blood)

You are strong enough to lift anyone, and an ally can ride on top of you if you let them. When you pick someone up and throw them, roll Blood. On a 10+, choose up to three. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • They land safely on their feet.
  • They go exactly where you want them to.
  • They crash through something or into someone.
  • You can immediately throw a second person after them.

Giant’s Custom

What else does it mean to be a giant?

Cultural Giant

I have learnt from the wee mortals, taking the Core Move “The Little Folk” from the Halfling playbook. When I do something clever or sneaky while no one is looking, roll Courage. On a 7+, I do it! And no one will notice what I did until later. On a 10+, they won’t even think to blame me for it unless they know me quite well, or I personally tell them that I did it.

God of War

When you fight against them by yourself, you can try to Keep Them Busy no matter who they are, how outnumbered you are, or how poor your position is – even if they are a Group, Gang or Army.

Mighty Leap

When you jump with all your might, you can land anywhere you can see – no matter how far it is.

Shared Customs

No Moves learnt from other members of the fellowship yet!


  • I have known Grukk his entire life.
  • Agrias is just the perfect shape for tossing about!
  • I broke a source of power coveted by the Overlord!
  • Hugh’s prophecies do not scare me, and for that he is eternally grateful.
  • Grukk knows my smell anywhere.
  • Agrias gives me the respect of the old dragons.

Giant Gear

I have tons of food (Food, Giant-Sized, 3 Uses)

I also have these two weapons!

  • My fists, wild and mighty (Melee)
  • And a club of black iron, too heavy for any but me to wield (Giant-Sized, Melee)

And I love this one thing unreasonably!

  • Alcohol! And I carry a full keg with me at all times (2 Uses, Giant-Sized, Vigour: Blood, Drunk: Sense)

Plus the Giants are not so simple as the lesser folk think!

  • We can Regenerate (2 Uses, Healing). My limbs grow back and my wounds heal rapidly. Though I can only use this healing on myself.

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Giant Advancement (level 3!)

[X] Take another Giant Custom
[X] Take another Giant Custom


Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?

On an intellectual level, giants are regarded with misapprehension and no small amount of fear: their incredible strength and durability make an angry giant a disaster waiting to happen. But things are different for those who live near one…

The specifics depend on the giant in question – some like adoration and worship, and some choose to ignore the lesser peoples except to exploit them. But most giants enjoy good company and a jolly community. While they tend to live outside the settlement proper, most will join the local festivities, trade labour for goods and protect their friends; making a friendly giant a reliable source of protection.

What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?

Strange as it may seem, giants have a way with plants that no one else does. Their almost limitless vitality seems to ‘leak’ – causing anywhere a giant lives to be unusually verdant. Overgrown even! With more abundant, larger than usual plants. This effect is especially pronounced when giant blood is spilt, and at no time greater than when a giant dies: their body quickly becoming overrun with flowers and new growth.

What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?

Giants are family! And each meeting, no matter how rare, is treated as a cause for celebration – a chance to catch up, prove who’s stronger, make merry and relax awhile in the company of a beloved sibling. Outside of this familial bond, there are too few giants, spread too thin, to develop anything resembling a hierarchy.

What do your people most value? What do they least value?

Giants are strong, giants are powerful, and they love an excuse to show off! Because so few creatures can match them blow for blow, this has turned into an intense tradition of ‘competition’: giants will challenge, bet, and play games with members of all races for fun, for pride, and for self-aggrandisement.

By extension, giants hate oath-breakers and people who violate the spirit of a fair competition. While they expect the lesser races to ‘get creative’ in any competition involving a giant, dishonesty and breaking an agreed upon set of rules is taboo. Though after someone does, anything is fair game…

Also, perhaps because of their own rarity as a people and their penchant for innocent joy, giants love (and are protective of) young children. Though few people would begrudge a parent for wanting to keep their children well away from a giant!

What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?

Though few know it, the Tanglewood is the greatest testament to giant existence in this land. Impossibly large, this forest defies all attempts to cut it back – large, twisted trees growing rapidly to its own apparent border. Full of life, at the centre stands the great tree Yggdrasil: its canopy reaching the clouds. Yggdrasil was the final resting place of “One”: the first giant, and – in giant lore – the only giant to have ever had death claim him by age. The aeons he lived still fuel the Tanglewood’s impossible growth.

What is your largest city called, and what is it like?

Giants have no cities of their own, but “the Cairns” have, over many years, taken on a symbolic significance to the giants. At the solstices and equinoxes of the year, it’s expected that at least some of their number will travel to the Cairns for some ‘family time’. Most giants try to make it to at least two moots a year, but some regularly try for all four!

Outside of these yearly occasions, volcanic eruptions lead to ‘special moots’. A giant is expected to make a pilgrimage to the site of the eruption, search for the possibility of a giant child, and then travel to the Cairns for news or just a chance to party.

Geographically, the Cairns are close to Yggdrasil, and the first giants to arrive ritually clear the site of trees and prepare the stones for the coming festivities.


My brothers and sisters aren’t too bright! Not in the way they need to be, and not in the way I am. We can all see the coming darkness, but they laugh at it. I want to laugh too – I ache to laugh! – but I can’t…

When my brothers and sisters hurt me, I feel their love. When they hurt me, I feel their joy. And when I retaliate, I never feel more alive! We fight, we drink, we make merry, and then sit upon our Mother and tell our stories to our Father. Because that’s what Giants do. Then afterwards? We laugh! Because that’s also what Giants do.

The darkness doesn’t laugh.

I have seen its fires, and felt its agony upon my skin. I have fought it, and laughed, but no one laughed back. Instead it spat at me – with hate, and misery. No joy, no warmth. A cold thing that shatters souls and grinds all hope to dust.

It will come for my brothers, and come for my sisters and they will fight, they will laugh, and though it will take all the time in all the world they will loose. Because they will have waited too long to stop it. And then there will be no more joy, and no more laughter. And I can’t very well have that!

Thursday, Last to Awaken

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