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  • The Emerald Empire

    The Emerald Empire is the largest, oldest realm in the land. Dwarfing its competitors, it is a calcified regime - geographically stagnant and slow to change. Its urban people pride themselves on their refined culture and artistic sensibilities, and …

  • Cypher

    A 'cypher' is a type of magical device employed throughout the Emerald Empire. It would not be an understatement to suggest that the Empire's ability to produce and utilise cyphers is the key to both its longevity and its power.

  • Novastella

    The Royal Imperial Palace of Novastella is the single largest, single oldest structure in the Emerald Empire.

    It is an ancient, crumbling place - empty and lifeless. None save the royal family or ranking nobility are allowed, or even able, to …

  • Windemereia


    The thriving capital of the Emerald Empire! No finer place to be! Bustling, busy, and crowded. Full of arts and music. Gorgeous architecture. Noble estates. The very seat of government from which an entire empire is run and …

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