Elda Trotter


The Squire

Stats Injured?
Blood -1 [ ]
Courage +3 [ ]
Grace +0 [ ]
Sense +2 [ ]
Wisdom +1 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.

What is your purpose?

Remembered by History:
You want to be a hero so bad, even if the only way to do it is to tag along with the real heroes. Whenever anyone near you goes anywhere, you can always choose to tag along with them, even if doing so should be impossible!

Squire Core

All squires have these moves…

Fast Friends

When you spend a scene by someone’s side or Speak Softly with them, you may gain a Bond with them immediately.
You can have an unlimited number of Bonds with anybody.
People who you have Bonds with do not become Companions. You do not have enough pull with the fellowship to just recruit people. Those you have Bonds with will think well of you and will not try to harm you if they can help it (regardless of their feelings for the rest of the
You can Command Lore about anyone you have any Bonds with, except for your Bonds with other players.
You can Command Lore about Companions, friends, and minions of the Overlord who you have Bonds with, but you cannot Command Lore about the other heroes of the fellowship or about the Overlord.
This move cannot be Shared.

Please, Just Listen

When you Talk Sense to someone, you may erase a Bond with them instead of owing them a favor.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

When you watch someone’s back and keep your eyes peeled, you can roll to Overcome any harm against them with +Sense instead of +Blood.

Squire’s Custom

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

When you’re certain something’s wrong here, you may ask the Overlord to tell you the safest way out (and also the quickest way out). They will answer truthfully.

Shared Customs

No Moves learnt from other members of the fellowship yet!


  • Agrias looks out for me.
  • I’ve never even seen someone like Tuesday before
  • Hugh is always willing to listen to me even when no one else has time.
  • I don’t know why but Grukk really trusts me.
  • I know I can trust Lydia, no matter what.
  • I used to be the Overlord’s kin.

Squire Gear

You start with:
Some simple food (Food, 4 Uses)
Traveler’s gear (2 Uses, Useful)
A simple sword (Melee)

I also have this!

  • Under-armor (1 Use, Armor)
  • Bandages (2 Uses, Healing, Slow)

I was more prepared than anyone else on this adventure, and I brought along some extra supplies just in case.

  • A bottle of rum (2 Uses, Drunk: Wisdom, Vigor: Courage)

I wasn’t supposed to be here, but I am.

  • The Overlord’s Weakness, although you don’t know you have it.

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Squire Advancement

None yet!


Elda Trotter

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