Grukk Ashbreath

The Zenith of Orcish Ingenuity


The Orc

(Character Self-Portrait)

Stats Injured?
Blood +2 [ ]
Courage +2 [ ]
Grace +1 [ ]
Sense -1 [ ]
Wisdom 0 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.
  • Born Rebel
    Fix the system, by any means necessary.

What is an Orc?

Sons of War

You were born and raised for battle, and war is all your people know.
Everything is a weapon, in your eyes. As long as there is something
within arm’s reach that you can break with your bare hands, you can
use Fires of Industry to instantly create new weapons in the heat of battle.

Orc Core Moves

All orcs have these move..

The Fires of Industry

As long as you have a minute’s time and destroy something in the process, you can craft an orc-made weapon of your own design. Orc-made weapons are Clumsy in any hands but an Orc’s, and they are ugly to all but Orcs. The weapon is Melee. Weapons you make are not added to your Gear -they are temporary and must be replaced when they are lost or damaged. You cannot carry more than 4 weapons you’ve made at a single time, but you can restock your weaponry between scenes as you like.

Dishonor Before Death

When you need an Advantage to Finish Them with in glorious combat, you can always create one by breaking your weapon. When you must pay a price, you may always choose to break your weapon.

Orc’s Custom

The Sweat of Your Brow

When you create a weapon for yourself, you may choose an
enhancement for the weapon from this list:
Destructive: This weapon is Dangerous, great for causing massive and uncontrollable damage.
Foe-Smelling: This weapon burns to the touch when in the presence of those who mean you harm. To you, this heat is only a warning, but it will harm others who try to touch it.
Spiked: This weapon is Piercing, and Armor cannot be used against it.


Choose two options from the final list of your Gear (strong as an ox, tough as nails, scary as hell, or cunning as can be). Both of those options are added to your Gear permanently. You cannot choose an option you already have.

I Smell Fear

When you Look Closely at a person, so closely it makes them upset, uncomfortable, or scared, you may ask questions from both the Speak Softly and the Look Closely lists, and you can ask one more question than your roll would normally allow.

Brutally Cunning

When you Keep Them Busy by lashing out with your weaponry roll Blood instead of Courage (When you Keep Them Busy in this way on a 12+ you deal damage to a stat
that makes sense)

Shared Customs

No Moves learnt from other members of the fellowship yet!


The Overlord have caused great harm to Grukk’s people by secretly siphoning the Firespring, the pool that gives Orc babies continued life.

Cheese is my party buddy. We have been friends since we were children.

I cannot help but respect Agrias.

I will use my strength to keep Hugh safe.

Lydia seeks power like mine, but is not yet ready.

Orcish Gear

4 Orc-Made Weapons
Strange Jerky (1 Use, Food)
A junk cannon (Ranged, Orc-Made, 0 Ammo). You use Orc-Made weapons
as Ammo for the junk cannon
Your best friend (Cheese Thief, “Little Guy”)
Orcish moonshine (2 Uses, Food (only for Orcs), Drunk: Grace + Wisdom,
Vigor: Blood + Sense). If you stuff a rag in the bottle and set it on fire,
replace its tags with Ranged and Dangerous.

Choose the reason(s) the Orcs named you their champion:
Cunning as can be (2 Uses) Use this to instantly Look Closely without
rolling, asking one question from the list. [ ] [ ]
Tough as nails (2 Uses, Armor). [ ] [ ]
Scary as hell (2 Uses). Use this to Talk Sense whether they want to listen
or not, and you can roll at +Blood instead of an other stat. [ ] [ ]

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Orc Advancement

Level: 3

1. Take another Orc Custom. -I Smell Fear
2. Take another Orc Custom. -Brutally Cunning


=Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?=

Considering the origins of the Orcish people and how they have come to power it is understandable that many of the races are not very trusting of Orcs, rumor-mill and their war-like culture hardly allows for saving graces either.

However among the races the Orcs have found a sort of “kinship” with Giants because of their natured upbringing with fire and their willingness to start a fight just for the fun of it.

=What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?=

Being one of the races that was not naturally created by the powers above have given the Orcs a very unusual zeal for their existence. Many are very aware of the fact that it is by happenstance that they’re even here. It is this zeal, combined with their burning hearts, drive for strength and respect, and the realization that their race may be facing extinction that make them a very wily race of people to deal with since most of them have very little to lose in the long run.

=What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?=

Orcish society is that of a war-tribe, and the man who is in charge of said tribe is the War Chief. Many would think that to be War Chief means to be the strongest Orc of all, hardly. To be War Chief means to take responsibility for the actions of all Orc-kind and to defend all your people whether they are the tallest Ogre or the smallest goblin. However if one is to disagree with the plans of the War Chief and feels he is endangering the people they are allowed to challenge him to a duel for his position, but be aware most fights like these are often “to the death.”

The elderly are well respected among Orc-kind, what few exist. It is often the Elder Orcs who are the ones to lead the vanguard in hopes of seeking a “true Orc’s death” which is to die in the throws of combat. Few Orcs choose to die “natural deaths”, those who fail to die in battle often find themselves in a place where they are “mercifully executed” in a final fight to the death against the War Chief.

=What do your people most value? What do they least value?=

If there is one thing the orcs value among anything else it is sustainability. “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it,” is something that is often heard among Orcs. Granted this is often why the Orcs leave brutish, barbaric lives wielding weapons that are oft just as ugly as they are. But it is this tried and true method that has kept the Orcish people a surviving, sustainable race for as long as recorded history.

Orcs find little value in gaudy, fancy things but understand it is of worth to many others. Many will keep “shiny, sparkly things” in an attempt to trade with other races but will often undervalue it. What is particularly undervalued among all things Orc is cowardice, few Orcs who have been branded a coward among the tribe survive for long. Especially considering duels among orcs are not just a common occurrence in Orc culture, it is often how one spends a Friday night (Dinner and a Show takes a completely different tone among Orcs).

=What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?=

The Orcs find their continued existence centuries after their supposed “creation” to be their greatest accomplishment. They are a society and race that was birthed into servitude, somehow broke those chains, and continue to survive unburdened by anyone but themselves.

However for many Orcs their “greatest accomplishment” has not been attained yet. While they are joyful for their freedom, and revel in the ability to survive, they feel that to earn the respect of the other races would be the greatest accomplishment for all Orcs. “To live in a world where we are respected, not feared.”

=What is your largest city called, and what is it like?=

There is but one major Orc city in the world, and it is called “The Citadel.” The Citadel consists of a series of stone watchtowers that are posted around the perimeter of the mountain range connected by underground tunnels. These watch towers are clan-operated grounds and are given to respected clans by the War Chief to watch for approaching enemies.

However these towers are just a defensive measure, the tunnels themselves are housing areas and provide other functions to the Orcs and all tunnels connect to the large fortress in the center which acts as a central market, barracks for the War Chief’s top guard, and even living quarters for the War Chief.

However The Citadel is a bit crowded, even as the Orcs face extinction. Due to an necessity to survive, and the lack of an impending war to prepare for, the War Chief has supported the idea that roving bands of Orcs “scout about” in an an attempt to find a means to expand, mercenary work, and other means of amusement. It is the constant appearance of wandering Orcs that give the illusion that they are nomadic wanderers, and while they are every Orc feels a connection to The Citadel and knows it to be “their true home.” And nothing reminds them more of this than the giant horns that adorned on the watchtowers of The Citadel. Known as the “The Horns of War” they are blown whenever the War Chief has made a call to arms, they can be heard from miles away and alerts the scouting parties to come home to fight.

Deep underground from The Citadel, where only orcs are allowed to tread is the secret to all Orc Life, “The Firespring.” It is in this burning pool of earth-blood that Orc babies are baptised by fire and they recieve the fire that burns in their hearts and keeps them alive. The Firespring has recently run dry, which has disallowed Orc babies to live longer than 2 weeks.

Orc Companions

Cheese Thief
Little Guy: Real small, real good for getting into little places.
Squeeze In There [ ]
Right Where You Need Me [ ]


Grukk Ashbreath

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