Huwacyn "Hugh" Alscander

"Can't we just talk about this?!"


The Harbinger

Stats Injured?
Blood -1 [ ]
Courage +1 [ ]
Grace +0 [ ]
Sense +1 [ ]
Wisdom +2 [ ]
Doom +2 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.
  • You’ll Get Through This!

What is the Harbinger?

The Harbinger is a prophet of the end of days. They are magical beings, and they are both very rare and very powerful. A Harbinger never shows up when times are good. You will have more raw power and utility than anyone else, but you tire quickly, you make friends poorly, and you cannot do this alone. Play as The Harbinger if you want to play the mentor character, if you want to have access to powerful and deadly magic, if you want to be a bit of a loner, or if you want to play a gloomy prophet of the end times.

Harbinger Core

All Harbinger have these move…

Doomed Soul

The Harbingers are keeps of prophecy and magic, and their soul is unlike any other. You have a sixth stat, Doom, and you have an additional +0 to assign between your other stats. When your Doom stat gets damaged, you must immediately damage another one of your stats as well. When you Finish Them by revealing their fate, by using your knowledge of folklore or the prophecies, or with Wizardary, roll +Doom.
When you share this Move with another, their Doom stat is +1
When someone does not have a Doom stat uses a Move that rolls +Doom, they roll +0

Doom and Gloom

Your Doom makes you hard for others to relate to. You can never have more than one Bond with someone, and others can never have more than one Bond with you. This Move cannot be Shared.

Do Not Trifle with Wizards

Your magic is dangerous and powerful, for both you and your enemies. When you conjure a powerful spell to destroy something in your way, pay a price, then take up to three points of damage. You inflict that much damage to your target. You then become exhausted, and roll with Despair for rest of the scene. Threats to the World and Set Pieces take no damage from this Move. This Move Cannot be Shared.


When you draw upon the magic inherent to your people, choose one option from below. You may use these spells as often as you need to. When you use one of these magical effects, tell us how it manifests – what does it look like, what does it sound like? What do you need to do to make this happen?

  • Conjure a soft light, which floats around you.
  • Deliver a message through mysterious means.
  • Speak, look, or listen as if you were somewhere else you can see.
  • Touch, push, or grab as if you were somewhere else that you can see.
    When you Share this Move with another, they choose a single spell from the list. That spell is the only one they can use. You can Share this Move with someone multiple times. Each time you do, they learn another spell.

Elder Arts

When you draw upon the Elven power that humans sometimes call magic, choose a spell from below, then mark it. You cannot use a spell while it is marked. *When you Fill Your Belly, remove a mark from one spell. *When you Recover, remove all marks on your spells.

  • Camouflage: Become invisible and undetectable. This lasts until you attack or decide to make yourself known.
  • Keen Senses: Ask a question about your surroundings, and immediately receive a truthful answer.
  • Sense Magic: Immediately know what here is magical and where it is. If there is nothing magical here, you do not mark this spell.
  • Whisper on the Wind: Send a message to someone you have a Bond with. They will hear it whispered in their ear moments after you send it, and they send you a reply of up to 5 words.
    When you Share this Move with another, they choose a single spell from the list. That spell is the only one they use. You can Share this Move with someone multiple times. Each time you do, they learn another spell.

What Is A Harbinger?

What else does it mean to be a Harbinger?

Principled Academia

Wizardry comes from a book. Anyone can become a wizard with enough education, and you are among the scholastic elite. Inside your book is limitless power, if you can read the runes right. You have a magic book (2 Uses, Slow) added to your gear. When you consult your magical book on how to perform a magical ritual properly, tell us what you want the ritual to accomplish. It takes several minutes to perform a ritual. Once it is finished, choose one:

  • It works how you wanted, but won’t take effect for some time.
  • It takes effect immediately, but there’s a catch or side effect.

Harbinger’s Custom

You speak the language of beasts and monsters. When you try to speak to such a creature for the first time, they will always pause to listen and reply, and you always have a chance for Speak Softly or Talk Sense with them.


Overlord – Hugh has fought the Overlord before on the Astral plan, and was wounded for it. Hugh feels a burning sensation when in presence of the Overlord.

Grukk – Hugh knows that doom awaits Grukk but cannot bring himself to tell him.

Lydia – She will be of great importance to the events to come.

  • Grukk has pledged to use his strength to keep Hugh safe.
  • Hugh has seen Agrias’ true form from before she became what she is now.
  • Agrias saved Hugh on the Astral Realm after his fight with the Overlord.

Harbinger’s Gear

You start with just enough food (Food, 2 Uses) and some wizardly baubles (2 Uses, Useful)

Choose the weapon you brought with you on this journey:

  • An ancient staff of old wood (Melee) with a spell of safe travels written upon it (1 Use, Armor)

Choose your companion, you have one Bond with them

  • A witch’s broom.

Choose your source of magic

  • The Leylines of magic that hold reality together (2 Uses). You can Use this connection to the Leylines to access a sealed location, or seal off an accessible location, bending space to accommodate your need.
  • Magic Bloodline, from strange and powerful ancestors. (2 Uses, Healing)

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Wizard Advancement

+1 to Courage
Elven Core – Elder Arts
Harbinger Gear Option


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Huwacyn "Hugh" Alscander

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