Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus-Gates III

Fourth in line to the Emerald Throne


The Heir


Stats Injured?
Blood +0 [ ]
Courage -1 [ ]
Grace +2 [ ]
Sense +1 [ ]
Wisdom +3 [ ]


  • Be Brave, Take Risks!
  • Tell Us of Your People.
  • Improve the World Around you.
  • But What of My Kingdom?

What am I the Heir of?

I am Heir to the Emerald Empire, and they are Great Builders. They are famous for their advanced technology – researched and implemented by our illustrious colleges of magic. And I, schooled in their mysteries, bring that power with me. When I analyse architecture or engineering, I can always ask “How do I fix this?” or “How do I break this?”.

I also add Engineering Tools (2 Uses, Useful) to my Gear, which can produce nearly anything I might need to fix or break something I ask about.

Heir’s Core

All Heirs have these moves…

Royal Treatment

When you visit the ruler of a place and introduce yourself, you and your friends are all given room for the night and a hot meal to Fill Your Belly, free of charge.

Yes, My Liege

When you issue a command to someone below your rank, they’ll do it immediately, no questions asked. Someone is below your rank if they are of your People, if they are a Companion, or if they serve or follow someone who has shown you Royal Treatment. You never need to Talk Sense to someone below your rank.

When you give a command that directly harms the person you have the command to, they become immune to this Move forever.

Heir’s Custom

What else does it mean to be the heir?

How Dare You

When someone insults you to your face, you may choose to lash out or remain stoic. If you lash out, roll Finish Them with +Blood if you lash out with your weapon, or +Grace if you lash out with your tongue. If you remain stoic, ask two questions from the Look Closely list without rolling; their outburst tells you everything you need to know.

Parry, Counter, Thrust!

When you fight an enemy one on one in Melee range, you may Keep Them Busy as if you rolled a 10+.

Quiet! Don’t Move…

When you duck aside, and stay silent and still, enemies will never spot you unless you leave your position. You may hide your allies as well, so long as you hold up a hand, warning them to silence, and they do not speak.

Strike True

When you could Finish Them in single combat, instead of rolling, you may strike a decisive blow. Choose one, and tell us how you do it:

  • Beaten Down: they cannot cause further harm during the scene.
  • Pinned Down: they cannot give chase.
  • Taken Down: choose one of their already-damaged stats. Remove it- they no longer have that stat, nor any Threats associated with it.

Shared Customs

No Moves learnt from other members of the fellowship yet!


  • Only I know the Overlord’s weakness.
  • Hugh’s people have aided mine throughout history.
  • I shall take Elda under my wing, and teach her all I know.
  • Gruuk has proven a valuable companion.
  • Agrias is a friend of the family.
  • Reinhardt is my guard, and my friend. His loyalty to me, and me alone, is absolute.
  • ALISTAIR is my tutor. And he has forgotten more than I have ever known.
  • I can count on Britta to always be there for me…!

Royal Gear

I have some food (Food, 3 Uses), poultices (2 Uses, Healing, slow), a Warhorse I have one Bond with, Engineering Tools (2 Uses, Useful), and a beautiful blade with a long and stored past (Melee, Precious).

For my protection I have…

  • A Rifle (Ranged, 2 Ammo)
  • An advisor, and a bodyguard.

I have also brought excessive amounts of…

  • Cash. Loads of it (2 Uses, Precious).

I also own a single, irreplaceable item:

  • A symbol of my royalty (1 Use). Which can be used to command the respect of anyone who knows of my line, or to gain an audience with anyone I wish – no matter how important they are.

Royal Companions

ALISTAIR [Advisor]: a carefully cut crystal, enchanted to levitate. Can take on the appearance of an ancient seneschal from the founding of the Emerald Empire. Always knowledgable about the status of the Empire, and on many other topics beside.

  • Stats: Consultancy [X]

Reinhardt [Bodyguard]: a large and grizzled old man. A veteran of many a battle; was tasked with guarding Lydia from childhood. Possessed of unwavering conviction, and a really sweet hammer.

  • Stats: Watch Out!! [X]

Britta [Warhorse]: a thoroughbred stallion, midnight black. Large, imposing, and honestly very sweet once you get to know him.

  • Stats: Mounted Combat [ ]; Run Like The Wind [ ]

Earned Fellowship

None yet!

Heir Advancement (level 4!)

[X] Take another Heir Custom
[X] Increase one of your stats by 1 (to a maximum value of +3) [Wisdom]
[X] Take another Heir Custom


Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?

The Emerald Empire is large, and its people prosperous. They long ago reached the practical (theotechnical) limits of their borders, but remain the most significant power in the region – dwarfing their neighbours, but happy to accept tribute In lieu of a long and costly expansion campaign. They are strongly aligned (and many of the principalities, fiercely reliant on) the Empire’s colleges of magic – much of the Emerald Empire’s dominance stemming from their reliance on the military and logistical application of arcanoscience.

The Empire is on poor terms with the orcish peoples – who they see as barbarous and savage; paradoxically both dangerous and inconsequential. This kind of attitude is oft repeated and held about the various nomadic tribes to the East, and the piratical corsairs off the Western coast.

Sadly, the Empire is also on poor terms with itself. So old and calcified is its social structure that petty squabbling, and routine power-plays between its various principalities are both necessity for their own survival, and the stability of the Empire as a whole.

What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?

The Emerald Empire long ago inherited an ancient knowledge concerning the true nature of this world. As such, the Empire can ‘industrialise’ magic – easily replicating and producing magical feats in ways anyone can use. Though perhaps rare amongst the poor, it can make the ordinary lives of many people comfortable, and is the key reason for the Empire’s logistical, bureaucratic and military superiority. The many, prestigious colleges of magic tirelessly continue to refine their arcanoscience and theotechnical understanding to better the Empire.

What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?

The upper echelons of the Empire are extremely stratified. If you are in a position of authority, among the many territories and principalities of the Empire, you are descended from one of the ancient, noble bloodlines. With this claim, the nobles can command the many bound daemons and powerful relics that make ruling such an empire possible.

Below the nobles, positions of responsibility are award on merit after passing a gruelling series of exams – though the nature of these exams and the education required makes it difficult for many commoners to readily succeed.

The lives of peasants continue as they always have. While they might be aided by the Empire’s magical marvels, they frequently learn the trades of their parents and live their lives in the same village they grew up in.

What do your people most value? What do they least value?

The people value stability, and peace. They cling to the laws of the Empire, to tradition, to stratified and clear-cut nation of society to provide structure and meaning to their lives. Taboos, transgressions, strangeness and the unknown are unsettling to most. Because the Empire has persisted, and as it has persisted its way of doing things must be right!

They value least those who flaunt the Empire’s wisdom. And, in particular, those who are…different. With no clear place in society.

What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?

Ask anyone, and they will say the Empire itself! Large, strong, proud and prosperous – it has existed almost beyond memory. The Emerald Royals would say much the same, but would perhaps pay more homage to what allowed them to create the Empire in the first place – the creation, discovery and preservation of their inheritance.

What is your largest city called, and what is it like?

Novastella is a vast and ancient place, and the ancestral home of imperial royalty. You would expect the royal palace to be a bustling place but, in truth, the administrative capital of the Empire is Windmereia – a bustling city not half a day’s travel from Novastella, and possessed of all the hallmarks and wealth you’d except from such a place.
But the palace itself is all but deserted. Much of it is dilapidated or faded, though the oldest parts seem impervious to degradation. Its corridors are filled with golems, managed by ghosts, and littered with magical defences laid down at its inception. The further in, and further down you go, the older it gets. And it is said that, at the heart of Novastella, lies the well of knowledge that has allowed for the birth and success of the Empire itself.


Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus-Gates III

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