The Royal Imperial Palace of Novastella is the single largest, single oldest structure in the Emerald Empire.

It is an ancient, crumbling place – empty and lifeless. None save the royal family or ranking nobility are allowed, or even able, to enter the palace. It has no servants, and no guards. None who are alive at least.

And amidst these dilapidated rooms, and ghostly corridors tread only by golems and servitors, the royal family played its age-old game and schemed an empire into existence.

Strangely, the further and deeper you go into Novastella, the more pristine it looks. The architecture changes. Evidence of magic long lost becomes more apparent. And certain chambers thrum and glow with unearthly light. In places such as these, did the royal family inherit their power. In places such as these, does the royal family maintain their iron grasp…

For Novastella holds many secrets, and just as many traps. And while it many not be the seat of Imperial power, it is certainly its heart.

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